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Hot or Not: Ayelet Zurer

04.21.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Can I tell you a little secret? I actually liked the movie THE DA VINCI CODE. I've never read the book, even though I have a copy of it around here somewhere that someone gave to me and I haven't bothered with any of Dan Brown's other works because authors who get on the endcaps at Target I usually try to avoid. But after liking the first movie (shut up...), I'm interested in seeing what they do with ANGELS AND DEMONS, the sequel that's really a prequel if you look at it book-wise. But I'd rather look at its female star.

Ayelet Zurer

So the name isn't ringing any bells, but after I went to check and see if former Hot or Not contender Audrey Tautou would be in the follow up, I came across the very lovely Zurer instead. She was born in Israel and is extremely popular in their cinema over there, playing the cold hearted bitch in many of her roles.

She has more recently been gaining attention in American movies, with last year's VANTAGE POINT and between that movie and some of her others, she's worked with some of the greats, from Jeff Goldblum to now Tom Hanks. Sure, some people might not consider him at the top of the heap these days, but the man still rules his Hollywood roost with grace and style.

At almost 40 (her birthday is in June) and a mommy to boot, Ayelet sports a sharp ethnic look which defies its origin. She could be the everyday woman or the mysterious spy who drops into your lap and you don't know what she's up to. I'm intrigued by her face, a combination of sharp edges and softer curves. To me, she's a fine wine kind of hot and considering that she's just coming into her own when most actresses are being cast out, I find that highly arousing.

What are your thoughts on Ayelet?

Extra Tidbit: Plus, she has one of the coolest names, EVER.
Source: IMDB
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