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Hot or Not: Aubrey Plaza

01.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I guess I'm not the only one who is fond of Nasim Padrad, who garnered a lot of positive responses last week both on the site and on our Movie Hotties Facebook page (which you should have liked by now). Not wanting to give out any "Scream Queen" spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet but I certainly hope the show has ways to keep including her in their cast. As for this week, I'm surprised I've never featured this DIRTY GRANDPA star yet. Let's get to that right now.

Aubrey Plaza

The first time that I remember seeing Aubrey Plaza wasn't when she joined the cast of "Parks and Recreation." Nor was it from any of her funny lady shenanigans on various web shows or stand-ups. I actually saw Plaza in FUNNY PEOPLE, the horrendously depressing and mostly unfunny movie Apatow did with Sandler. I liked her then, through all of the bullshit that the dudes in the movie were clouding the landscape with. Since day one, Aubrey has been a standout for me.

I can understand how some people consider her personality a turnoff. I can also understand how people confuse her on screen personality as being her personal one, with the dryly funny interviews she does on talk shows and the like. But I'm a weirdo and I enjoy the oddball, scathing, non-conformist shtick that has made Plaza a star. It's also what makes those performances where she deviates from her norm all that much more impressive. If you haven't, watch her in SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED and THE TO-DO LIST, two more recent films that are great and totally underappreciated.

One of the many victims of The Fappening leak, the lusty of us will admit to seeking out her nudey pictures. Aubrey doesn't have greatest of hottie required body measurements (very small breasts being the biggest affront to traditional expectations of feminine sexuality) but she works what she's got. Her looks are strong and wonderfully uncommon in the Hollywood landscape, perhaps adding to her beauty in a world of cookie cutter Pilates-perfect blondes. I find Aubrey Plaza hot because she's unique but I understand how many might not feel as I do for the exact opposite reason.

What do you think of Aubrey Plaza?

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