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Hot or Not: Asia Argento

07.06.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I have the first couple of books by Stieg Larsson in my possession and plan on reading them soon. But with the first (non-American) movie adaption, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO coming out on DVD this week and the second (non-American, as it should be to begin with) adaption, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE coming out in theaters soon, I don't know why my brain turned to one of the daughters of the most influential Italian filmmakers in recent history, but I think it had a little something to do with her ink and her sass. So let's just go from there.

Asia Argento

I came into my cinematic Renaissance when I became a video store jockey, so you'll have to bear with me that I didn't catch on to Asia Argento even when she was first in movies like B. MONKEY. It wasn't until she was doing those horrible "romantic" scenes with Vin Diesel in XXX that I noticed her and at the time, I just wasn't all that taken with her. I don';t know if it was because the image of Diesel was crashing in with that movie or that she just didn't look good in the film, since I haven't been brave enough to revisit it since first watching it in the theater. (Yeah, I paid money to go see that shit.)

What got me about Argento was when I rediscovered her later in much drier and more traumatic fare, but not in the sense that I felt the need to rinse my mouth 1,000 times over with Scope to get the taste of the yuck out of my mouth. It was the terrifyingly mesmerizing THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS that I realized this chick wasn't just some pretty girl with an accent and she wasn't just some babe who was gaining fame by the apron strings of her father, but it was the talent she had as a screenwriter and director, not to mention the heartbreak that she followed through with as an actress that really got to me.

Since then, I've caught her being too pretty in too crappy of a movie, MOTHER OF TEARS, which her father should still be sending her bouquets for agreeing to be in. (Sorry all you die-hard fans, but that movie was at best laughable in the so-bad-it's-funny "horror" sense.) I vaguely remember her being in MARIE ANTOINETTE because Kirsten Dunst scares me more than anything Dario has directed (and just the other day I caught JUMANJI and wondered where that little girl went). So for those most part, I can look up images of the tattooed girl with the smokey eyes and think she's beautiful. But as for her film career, it's hot and cold and doesn't really make much impact on my opinion of her looks.

What do you think of Asia Argento?


Extra Tidbit: Oh, and that's her ass. So I'm kinda making it hard by tail-ending this post with an image of her lovely Italian ass.
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