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Hot or Not: Ashley Tisdale

11.03.2009by: Cherry Liquor

You would think that the babes that they hire at the House of Mouse would be able to pull of a little more wholesomeness than they have in recent years. A while back, I did a Hot or Not feature on Vanessa Hudgens and we all know what that chick has been up do. So in honor of the release of her movie ALIENS IN THE ATTIC on DVD this Tuesday, I thought we could analyze one of the other refugees of Disney.

Ashley Tisdale

I don't know much that I can say about Tisdale's acting career. Sure, she's been starring in bit roles on television since she was 10 years old, so considering the fact that she's claiming to be only 24 (somehow, she's always looked older than that to me, which isn't a good sign), that gives her some history in the biz. But hey, Genghis Khan had history too, so there goes the credibility factor of history.

Tisdale ended up becoming a break out in the Disney sensation HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and its subsequent sequels. I don't dog on her for being too old to be cast as a high schooler, as my generation lived with Andrea on 90210 being a 30 year old chick playing 16. It's been done for ages. But I also (sadly? or not so much... you tell me) have no experience with those movies either, so I'm still just basing my hotness quotient of her on pictures I've seen in the tabloids.

Now, I personally find her super hot when she's rocking the brunette tresses. She's clearly not a natural blonde, as her skin tone complements the darker hair better. And as proven above, while she's still on the skinny side, it isn't completely stick figure. Her music isn't something I'm willing to get into, or the aforementioned ALIENS. But I do dig that she's been a voice performer for that cartoon, "Phineas and Ferb," something that is great fun to watch whilst stoned and munching on Cocoa Rice Krispies.

What are your thoughts on Tisdale?

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