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Hot or Not: Ashley Scott

04.14.2009by: Cherry Liquor

After suffering from a crushing defeat at the box office, 12 ROUNDS may or may not have opened the action hero doors for John Cena. Personally, I don't get the whole wrestling thing. I don't understand the appeal. But as I am hooked on weird looking men like Vincent D'Onofrio (yes, even as an aging fatty), I've learned not to question too deeply the interests of others. Instead, let's focus on one of the good things to come out of that movie, it's lead actress.

Ashley Scott

Scott was whiny and obnoxious in INTO THE BLUE, but dammit if she didn't fill out her bikini just as well (if not better) than Jessica Alba. Sure, she got her leg chomped on instead of getting the meat between the legs nibbled at, but I wasn't complaining. It shut her up but the memory of the swimsuit scenes remained.

The thing that I find interesting about Scott is her constant changing of looks. Sometimes she's a smoldering brunette (as evidenced below), sometimes she's an icy Paris Hilton looking bimbette and sometimes she looks as sweet and wholesome as apple pie. Sure, I may be one of the many who missed her looking as such on the show "Jericho," but I did manage to catch her in "Birds of Prey." And trust me, it wasn't because I was a comic book fan.

She's boned The Rock in WALKING TALL and managed to escape the mess that was STRANGE WILDERNESS (a movie which was f*cking horrible, but I still can't bring myself to hate completely because Steve Zahn is the man). Other than her recent box office disappointment with Cena, she doesn't appear to have anything else on her agenda. Which seems wrong. This is that kind of regular girl hottie who has more potential than she's been given opportunity to show. At least I think so.

But it isn't about what I think. Do YOU think Ashley Scott is hot... or not?

Source: IMDB


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