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Hot or Not: Ari Graynor

11.28.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It's slim pickings at the box office this upcoming weekend. I guess the distributors all figured that you'd still be in a food coma after Thanksgiving - probably about the only reason why the stupid decision to put that 20-minute long "short" of Olaf being a jackass in front of the movie COCO ended up happening. I mean, money, right? But much like I still haven't watched THE ROOM, the source material for this week's THE DISASTER ARTIST, I actually haven't watched COCO either because f*ck you, Disney. I'll give my money blindly when another Marvel movie gets released, dude.

Ari Graynor

I honestly had no desire to watch THE ROOM, even though all of my friends talk about loving the pure shitty genius that it is. I maintained that I didn't want to laugh at this poor, stupid, misguided fellow who just wanted to make a movie & be taken seriously for it, much like Ed Wood back in the day. But then I saw Ari Graynor in the trailer for THE DISASTER ARTIST and I figured I have to see that now, which means I have to see what inspired it. All for Graynor.

While some might say that Ari isn't necessarily something all that snazzy to look at (I recall some people talking shit about her when CBS tried to have her in Cameron Diaz's stilettos when they made BAD TEACHER for TV), I like the sweet softness of her, a trait that makes her look like the hot chick you'd see in the grocery store and might have a chance with. Mix in the fact that she's ridiculously funny whenever she appears in a film (NICK & NORAH, especially) and I'm sold. Who doesn't like funny in a woman?

I wouldn't say that I'm a diehard average white girl fan but Ari has a realistic body (with a great ass that she seems to rarely show off), the sweetness sly smile in the world and a sense of humour that means she could handle your bullshit on the regular. She's hardworking despite the lack of roles (I was surprised that she really hadn't booked many movies between Bad Teacher failing and I'm Dying Up Here picking up some seriously bipolar reviews), always proving that she's the most interesting woman in the room. I love her.

What do you think of Ari Graynor?

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