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Hot or Not: Antonia Thomas

05.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week we reviewed Rosemarie DeWitt, the star of the remade POLTERGEIST and while the few responses were positive, there were just the few... sort of like the less-than-stellar box office returns for a movie released on a Memorial Day weekend. (Shit, I remember when that weekend was the start of the summer box office season, not the first week of May.) Since we're still on new(er) things, I thought we'd take a look at one of the stars of SURVIVOR, the low budget thriller with Milla Jovovich, not the aging CBS reality show.

Antonia Thomas

Because I've grown tired of most American TV lately, I've started branching out with shows from other countries (I cannot recommend New Zealand's "The Almighty Johnsons" enough - all three seasons are available on NetFlix right now) including "Scrotal Recall," a not-so-funny British comedy that survives largely on the appeal of Antonia Thomas as the enchanting Evie. Turns out she started off on a much better British show, "Misfits," which is worth seeking out to see her frequently stripped down to her undies.

There hasn't been much of Thomas' career to check out apart from these shows and some small appearances here and there on other programs like "Transporter: The Series." This bums me out because she's absolutely gorgeous and fit and my lord does that accent undulate in your ears. Antonia is among that elite group of British women of color and if Naomie Harris can book big roles, I nominate Antonia to be the next Naomie.

Big duh, I think this woman is totally hot. She has one of those faces you go seeking out, big expressions and a body that looks fed and exercised but not to crazy extremes. I wish I knew more about her, I WANT to know about her. I'm calling this before she hits big because I'm thinking that's a definite in her future.

What do you think of Antonia Thomas?

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