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Hot or Not: Anne Hathaway

07.17.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I can't imagine there is a better month to be a fanboy in all of the months that exist on all of the calenders for the last 5 years or so. July 2012 there has been an epic San Diego Comic Con completed, a worthy successor of a reboot to the SPIDER-MAN franchise, a chance to watch other movies crash and burn at the box office, ensuring that they will not have their formulas repeated in the future and of course.... the release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I hope you guys are happy. Being an anal-retentive, spoiler-alert screaming, nit-picking movie quoter has finally paid off in spades.

Anne Hathaway

The first time that I watched Anne Hathaway in anything, she was cast as the family friendly princess type in THE PRINCESS DIARIES. I thought she had bugged out eyes and too wide of a smile. I still think that, but like many loves that we have, over time what was once off-putting about them becomes their most endearing traits.

As for becoming Miss Nudity in order to shake loose the goody two shoes image that she cultivated at the beginning of her career, I think it was bold but used far too soon. Hathaway could have established more of an identity for herself before resorting to a last-ditch type of move. Remember when actresses didn't pose in Playboy until they were desperate to hang onto whatever remaining bit of profile they had? Why can't it be like that again? Tawdry moments used only when necessity truly called for them. That way the impact is strong instead of comical. (Remember the sad jokes delivered poorly by Anne and Oscar co-host James Franco in regards to her getting naked in LOVE & OTHER DRUGS in order to ensure an Oscar nom?)

I have times when I truly have liked Anne Hathaway. RACHEL GETTING MARRIED has to be my favorite movie that she's done, where she was the most real and the least forced. But I can appreciate that she has the ability to bring out an Agent 99 like no one else. I still don't think she's right as a Catwoman - as we've become familiar with and I am aware doesn't mean squat when Nolan reenvisions a role - I can't see her as a chick that I'd like to screw, whether I'm thinking as a chick or as a dude. She's sexy and hot and all that, which is what this column is about, but eh... If she wasn't famous...

What do you think of Anne Hathaway?

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