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Hot or Not: Annabeth Gish

09.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

We had a fair response for Anya Taylor-Joy last week, with some people thinking that alien beauty of hers was mesmerizing and others not falling into beguilement. It will make little difference on her career, seeing as how there are tons of people lining up to cast the unique looker. As for this quiet upcoming weekend at the box office, you have Tom Hanks crashing a plane in style or BEFORE I WAKE, a dramatic horror flick starring the kid from ROOM and Kate Bosworth, a former high ranking hottie who didn't age very well over the last decade. One of her co-stars, however? Might just be the opposite in your minds. Let's see.

Annabeth Gish

I had a roommate who used to watch the movie SHAG whenever she was feeling down, one of those late 80's movies filled with the fringe hotties of the era, and perhaps the last time we really got to appreciate just how goddamn attractive Phoebe Cates was. It wasn't that film but MYSTIC PIZZA that made me love Annabeth Gish, as the less-hot sister to Julia Roberts but the one with more ambition and chutzpah. After struggling to be taken seriously as the girl-next-door babe who was a little thicker, a little plainer than most, Gish seemed to disappear for a number of years, only popping up in lower budget indies, a few of which had cult fan status, including SLC PUNK. She later hopped over to TV, where the gigs were more steady and the glistening perfection needed to be a leading lady in films didn't apply.

Clearly, Annabeth is no longer the slightly chubby girl she was in her youth, having morphed into a streamlined, cougar version in her later years. At 45-years old, she's actually younger than I thought she was and yet has managed to gain yardage in the looks department as well as in her career, where she's still heavily featured on popular shows such as "Sons of Anarchy" and "Pretty Little Liars." The same can't be said for Cates or Bridget Fonda, her other co-star from SHAG, both of whom disappeared into "real life" with families and husbands instead of continuing to chase the dragon. Then again, Gish was always the more believable, dependable actress who could take on just about any role and have people not even realize that she was acting, an accomplishment that few can muster and even fewer can truly recognize.

If I was writing this column back in 1989, I might have referred to Annabeth as being cute but not hot, simply because she was such an earnest kind of beauty that didn't have any stand-out qualities to her presence at the time. As she's aged, she's gotten sharper, keener and more defined, not only in her beauty but in her craft as well. There's an edge there that is wildly sexy and if I were to bump into her on a road trip, she would be the one that set my heart all aflutter. 100% fined aged hottie.

What do you think of Annabeth Gish?

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