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Hot or Not: Anna Kendrick

12.01.2009by: Cherry Liquor

So help me, yes... I am posting about another TWILIGHT chick. I don't know what her character is in the series (she's appearing in all three, I did manage to catch the first one, but she slipped past my radar. Then again, so did Ashley Greene at the time. So let's take a closer look at this other hottie from the vamp series, shall we?

Anna Kendrick

Kendrick doesn't have a very big resume, but I do remember watching her in a little indie called ROCKET SCIENCE which was fun enough. She has a bit of a little girl school charm to her, even if she turned 24 back on August 9th. (Which makes her a Leo in the Zodiac, by the way, and Leos are notorious for making big splashes in the entertainment world, so I wouldn't count out this chick's future.)

Then there's the whole NEW MOON and other shit from that vampire series going on. But you know what gets me about it? The fanboys and the blogging world are bashing the crap out of the movie and yet it pulls in major bank from the people who were devoted to the books. What we fail to understand is that people who read pay money to see that book translated. For example, the HARRY POTTER movies are all pretty lames in my opinion (as was the first book that I slugged through - these women are making money but they're terrible writers), but no one bags on them as much as they do the TWILIGHT series, even though they're both pulling in big numbers and POTTER always ends up in everyone's summer box office top ten picks. Hmmmm....

Yet, I digress. See, what I'm really interested in watching Kendrick in is UP IN THE AIR. Any chick who can go head-to-head with George Clooney, even with the limited background that she had in films, in a movie which is highly touted as being an Oscar contender, must have something going for her. Plus, I think she's just pretty enough. Hot... not so sure.

But that's really up to you guys. Anna Kendricks... hot or not?

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