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Hot or Not: Anna Faris

09.27.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I liken this week's Hot or Not selection a lot to some of the bigger named male stars of comedic film who aren't traditionally good looking. She's sharp, fast and very professional in how she carries out her roles, from the smallest bits to the leading ones. For women, looking at a funny guy in a movie who can make her laugh will alter how she feels about his physical appearance. But does the same happen for guys when they check out the lead of WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?

Anna Faris

I watched the first 2 SCARY MOVIES like a good pot head would. They were stupid but occasionally clever in the beginning and a big part of the credit for that goes to Faris for mocking the irritating naivety that Neve Campbell forced through the SCREAM flicks. I knew I liked her then but as I saw her dip her toes slowly into supporting roles like THE HOT CHICK, I began to see her as the potential stand-out that she was.

Over the years and especially since the success of HOUSE BUNNY, Anna has morphed into the every day girl who's just sexy enough, just non-threatening enough and just relatable enough to have her be embraced by female and male fans alike. She's not afraid to look stupid, willing to stuff a burger in her mouth and talk around it while doing voice overs for movies like CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and braves being the chick who vomits on the pillow while allowing the fat Seth Rogen to have his way with her.

Thing is, over the years as my appreciation for her craft has done nothing but rise, there's a part of me that really misses the Anna we were introduced to. No silicone in her chest, no puffy face from whatever they inject in women these days and I always was far more partial to brunettes than blondes, even though I respect that that's Anna's natural color. For those unfortunate as me to sit through YOGI BEAR, I even have to say that while I love her as an actress, she's just been looking pretty weird in the face these days. Still love her acting and her general presence and will be going to see her new movie because she's a hard working woman who is fun to watch. But sadly, I will do it for the respect I have for her, not the compelling hot factor.

What are your thoughts on Anna Faris?

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