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Hot or Not: Angelique Cabral

01.14.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Fox has not exactly been excelling at producing the best television shows in the recent "American Idol: Now showing 15 times per week!" years. Hell, I don't even really know how to process the fact that the Star Search of the 2000's is still on the air without a single original judge. But with original programming like "Enlisted" finally garnering the network some decent ratings, it might be a good chance to take a look at the babe meat they've got going on in the show (which should have just been the second season of "The Finder," gawd-dammit!).

Angelique Cabral

Angelique got her start making the rounds through various daytime soap operas, never getting cast as any major character but paying her dues solidly as background decoration. Doing your grunt work in the acting business is what helps to make your skin a little tougher, although it doesn't appear to have embittered the actress any.

Cabral went on to get some more than minor roles in movies such as THE PERFECT FAMILY and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS both movies I did watch but also two movies that have really strong leads who overshadowed anyone else who was in them (aside from Woody in FWB, but that's because he's Woody). However, where I DO really remember Cabral was from her brief stint on "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23," where she swept in and kicked the ass of the banal lead blonde as the office bitch who sexed up the cubicle scene. Dude, she was Awe-Sum! in that.

So, yeah. I checked out "Enlisted" and found it fairly boring. I couldn't get a bead on Cabral's hotness based on the show because she's in Army fatigues most of the time but it's obvious from checking out any of her pictures here that she's got a rockin' bod. What sets her apart for me (and makes me cross my fingers that she'll have the chance to show what she can do in better projects) is that she rocks at physical and expressive comedy and that means a lot to me in the hotness department.

What do you think of Angelique Cabral?

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