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Hot or Not: Angela Bassett

03.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Probably the only thing more savagely reviewed than last week's babe, Abbey Lee, was her movie, GODS OF EGYPT, which drew the ire of both respected and armchair critics and pulled in a paltry $14 million against reigning champ DEADPOOL last weekend. Perhaps people were fixating more on the Oscars and spreading the wealth to those nominated. Who knows? It's starting to feel a lot more like the start of spring, with a variety of choices opening this upcoming weekend, including LONDON HAS FALLEN, the political action sequel to 2013's OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, which pulled some decent numbers. I get the feeling the main babe from that movie will get more respect in this feature as well.

Angela Bassett

I don't have a problem picking a 57-year old actress to feature in a column that I normally try to use as a platform for introducing newer faces, especially if that 57-year old woman is Angela Bassett. I don't think of her as being the mom from BOYZ N THE HOOD, although she's certainly that. And I don't think of her as being the numerous characters she's taken on recently in the "American Horror Story" landscape. I might just think of her as being Tina Turner for the rest of her career, although she really is more than just that.

When I was a kid and watched WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT with my mom, I was done sold on wanting the biceps that Bassett so gloriously showed off. I also wanted to find a way to kick some ass the way she did as Tina (and later, in the less celebrated STRANGE DAYS, which has its own special appeal). Body-wise, Angela is the one of the fittest ladies in Hollywood, without ever seeming as if she's trying too hard. Lithe legs, those damn arms and of course, the booty that she doesn't seem to show off as much as she should.

Sometimes I wonder why Angela has never been a bigger star. I could blame it on the fact that as a black actress, she had fewer opportunities, but take one look at the woman's resume and you'll realize just how hard she's been working for so long. I could listen to her sweet, slow drawl for hours on end and not get bored, letting that honeyed voice slide over all of the days woes. I think Angela Bassett is sexy as f*ck and that hasn't changed in 20 some odd years, especially with AHS kicking up her stock again in her 50's. This woman isn't just hot, she's a freakin' supernova.

What do you think of Angela Bassett?

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