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Hot or Not: Ana De Armas

08.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Not a whole lot of feedback for last week's babe, Nazanin Boniadi. Maybe you're not all that familiar with her, and that's OK. Maybe now you want to get more familiar with her, and that's even better. I feel a bit of ambivalence toward Jonah Hill, who often times simply annoys the piss out of me, but other times, especially when he's starring with Miles Teller in WAR DOGS, I'm willing to tolerate him because, well, Miles Teller. Another face from this movie is also this week's selection, which we might want to move on to unless you too are all about the Teller.

Ana De Armas

Ana doesn't have a huge resume, although she seems to be having a fairly impressive kickoff to her American film career, considering that she's been cast in the upcoming BLADE RUNNER sequel. Not bad for a girl who got her start in Spanish television programming. So far I've only seen Ana vamp it up with bleached blonde locks in KNOCK KNOCK and while I understand people's gripes with certain aspects of that movie, she certainly isn't one of them.

Ana is Cuban born, Spain raised and has a look that seems to morph with whatever style she's taken on. With the blonde hair, there's a definite, less skanky Miley Cyrus look to her, with the longer brunette hair and those legs on display, I get a strong Eliza Dushku vibe and when she does red carpet duty and flashes that sweet smile of hers, I totally think of Tiffany "Kelly Kapowski" Thiessen. Which is all very, very good. The only drawback being that she doesn't come off as instantly recognizable as herself.

I like Latinas. I was raised around Latinas and I will always find their look to be far more appealing than most, partly due to familiarity, partly because they're just hot like that. I have little knowledge of de Armas as a person and only a brief understanding of her as an actress, but I love that voice, that's for sure. I don't see her becoming the next Salma Hayek or even Penelope Cruz, but I would love to continue seeing more of this fine creature.

What do you think of Ana De Armas?

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