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Hot or Not: Amy Schumer

07.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Those of you who knew who Michelle Dockery was were in favor of the British actress. Those who didn't found her to be attractively average. For this week's selection, there have been plenty of people who have knocked her for being too average, or flat out unattractive because she's bigger than a size 2. Her new movie TRAINWRECK is certain to be bringing butts into theater seats no matter which side of the fence you're on.

Amy Schumer

Honestly, I've been waiting anxiously to have a good opportunity to feature Amy Schumer in this column. I already know that many guys find her wildly sexy and an equally large number of guys find her repulsive (or something negative to varyingly different degrees). Long before she got her own Comedy Central show, I was fixated on this brash blonde who started showing up to the roasts and buried even Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli with the vicious potshots. I remember turning to my viewing mate at the time and saying, "That chick. That chick right there is going to break out." Sure enough...

Why do women seem so obsessed with Schumer right now? Because she speaks the truth. Women aren't angels. We have shitty one-night stands with guys because we want to or because we're happy to get the affection or just because we think the dude is hot and out of our league. Our weight fluctuates, we've got potty-mouths, we hate all of the women-hating that goes on in the media but we're incapable of making a strong stand because we've been conditioned over the eons to smile, nod and even hug someone who's been an asshole to us because we're scared to be labeled a bitch. Amy is all of us, famous, glamourous, and saying all of the things we really want to say.

Damn straight Amy Schumer is hot. She's hot when she's being honest, she's hot because she's intelligent, she's hot because she can make really horrible, uncomfortable truths funny. She's hot because she's beautiful too, with those stunning legs and awesome rack. I'd let her catch my theoretical dick any day.

What do you think of Amy Schumer?

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