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Hot or Not: Amy Acker

04.10.2012by: Cherry Liquor

From what I gather, the hype around CABIN IN THE WOODS is more than well deserved. This isn't just by the built-in fanboy following that Joss Whedon has built over the years. This is from even the most critical eye spent waiting for this movie to potentially crash and burn. (Ticket sales will only tell.) But when you stick with quality people, you tend to put out a quality product. This week's Hot or Not selection is one of the women Whedon has been very faithful to.

Amy Acker

If you were to ask me to recall any of the roles that Acker had before getting introduced on "Angel" as the long lost librarian Winifred 'Fred' Burkle, I couldn't have guessed if I tried. She was bookish and slight like the stereotypical librarian should be and she played that role to its full hilt. Fred wasn't just loveable. Acker made you fall in love with her.

I never did give "Alias," a spin even though I was always a staunch supporter of the Jennifer Garner ass-kicking years. So I don't remember Amy from that show. Sadly, there wasn't anything else to pick her up in until Whedon cast her in the doomed "Dollhouse," where she was cast as the fretful doctor with the facial scars and sketchy history. With that show being a crazed ensemble mess at times, she was one of the best ingredients in its madcap gumbo.

More meaningless and fruitless roles (Anyone get a chance to watch "Happy Town?") and luckily Acker has returned to the arms of the man who knows exactly what to do with her. Not only is she a fixture in this latest spookfest, she's getting paired with another Whedon regular, Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion for the off-kilter version of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Well, Mr. Whedon, I'm here to thank you and point out a small recognized fact: I, and I'm sure many, many like myself, find Amy Acker just as hot as you do. Or do we?

What do you think of Amy Acker?

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