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Hot or Not: Amanda Peet

09.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you were all in favor of Chinese beauty Peng Lin (and apparently I should be checking out DRAGON BLADE for her sick archery skills). That seemed simple enough, since Lin seems to be categorized mainly by her body of work and her body itself. This week I'm going for something a bit harder, one of the stars of SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, the one who doesn't have the best reputation for being the nicest of actresses.

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet has always given off a bitch vibe. Heck, she built her entire career on playing the bitch character, most notably in SAVING SILVERMAN. Fromw hat I've gathered from my brothers over at the main site, she's a difficult person to interview and tends to come off icy and unfriendly. I've never met the gal, so it's easy for me to defend the behavior since as far as I can tell, there's not a job requirement demanding that she have to be nice.

Looks wise, I've found Peet to be anything from mildly attractive to outright beautiful... from the neck up. She's been one of those overly skinny actresses for a number of years (especially prior to having children) that have mainly turned me off. Again, it's not a job requirement to have meat on your bones but there were times when I wanted to run an TV advertisement to fund her a few sandwiches. In her favor, Amanda has also never been shy about getting nude on film, most effectively when she flashed her topless self in THE WHOLE NINE YARDS.

I tend to fall into the take her or leave her field when it comes to Amanda Peet. She can either be highly entertaining when she's hitting the right marks (THE WHOLE NINE YARDS, SAVING SILVERMAN and THE WAY WAY BACK are my faves) but has a tendency to either be overbearing or boring when she's not. As far as her personal life goes, the main thing I've applauded about her is her vocal refusal to be like too many wanna Hollywood hipsters who are anti-vaxxers. Yes, she can be hot. No, she is not hot by default.

What do you think of Amanda Peet?

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