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Hot or Not: Amanda Crew

02.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor

For those who suspected last week's feature of Penelope Cruz (so obviously hot) was clickbait, congrats! That's pretty much exactly what was going on. How else was I going to get people to be interested in ZOOLANDER 2, which did briskly mediocre business at the box office in the shadow of DEADPOOL. Judging by the lack of large releases this week, the studios apparently were afraid the supernonhero was going to have some staying power, so let's take a look at one of the actresses from RACE.

Amanda Crew

The first time I noticed Amanda Crew, she was playing that ultimate stereotype - the cool chick who's in love with her hapless male friend who is in pursuit of another, supposedly hotter chick in SEX DRIVE. While that might have been the vehicle for Clark Duke to rule (seriously, that doughy guy is far more enticing than most of the attractive "loser" characters he's supposed to play second fiddle to), Crew made a great alterna-hottie.

Shamefully, Hollywood hasn't quite figured out what to do with this acerbic beauty, sticking her in shitshow after shitshow where she has to play the smart girl who's not the shining bombshell and it's a complete pity. Thankfully, someone had the sense to cast her in "Silicon Valley," giving Amanda a chance to not have to play someone's side choice and allowing her to be smart, savvy and pretty darn sexy. Sure, I have to wrench my attention away from TJ Miller, but that's my own problem.

Amanda Crew is exactly the kind of girl's-girl that females want to have in their squad. She's funny, charming and pretty in that way that's not intimidating. She's a bit too skinny, as is the nature of the acting beast for the ladyfolk, but her legs are long & strong and she's got one of those tight skinny girl booties. I'm a fan of Amanda and lean heavily toward hot on this one.

What do you think of Amanda Crew?

Source: IMDB


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