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Hot or Not: Aly Michalka

10.12.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Continuing on the same train of thought from last week, let's try this again while tweaking the formula a bit. If we know enough about an actress' personal opinions to allow it to colour our impression of the level of hotness she does or doesn't possess, does it hurt or help if that actress has more career work in the can? If someone has said some stupid things but is still a fairly fresh face, does that give them a bigger pass? Or is it the same old song and dance?

Aly Michalka

Strictly speaking in terms of Aly Michalka's face, I have to mention that facial moles normally are a huge turn-off for me. They cause me to look at the mole and not beyond the face. So it's a pretty big deal in my book that I like Michalka's face, mole and all. It's as if it fits her with the slightly large nose and the oddly shaped and placed eyes. Frankly, it's the slight weirdness of her face which makes me stop and stare at her more than most other run-of-the-mill blondes out there.

And damn, does Aly rock the body that she has. There have been plastic surgery speculations about a possible breast augmentation, but seeing as how I'm too lazy and disinterested in looking up any old videos of the music she did with her sister, I'd prefer to think of her as the "Big Boob" girl from EASY A. Between that movie and her affectionate role in BANDSLAM (yeah, I watched that), I like to watch the A.M.

Leave it to the Schmoes to burst my bubble by bringing it to my attention that she was a home-schooled, sheltered church girl (amusing, given that I read somewhere that her character on her new show "Hellcats" makes fun of Ashley Tisdale's character by saying, "She was home-schooled. Her parents raised her like veal.") who wasn't taught about evolution. If she's running around making these ignorant statements, there hasn't been a big enough fuss made out of them to have tainted her budding acting image so far. At least not to those who aren't die-hards. Ultimately, I like this chick a lot. Then again, I have plenty of time for her to change my mind.

What do you think of Aly Michalka?

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