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Hot or Not: Alicia Witt

12.10.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Do all of you really hate Tyler Perry as much as the vitriol spouted on the site would have me believe? While the movies that he makes might not be your cup of tea, there's definitely a market for them and I don't honestly mind if that market gets pandered to. At least it's not the MOVIE movies, right? And when Perry decides to cast some white people in the films he makes, he's got a pretty good eye at casting, if you favor the Hot decision in this week's selection.

Alicia Witt

For a redhead, the first thing that I noticed as I went looking up pictures for Alicia Witt, one of the stars of A MADEA CHRISTMAS, is that the actress has aged incredibly well. Natural redheads are notorious for not weathering the years as gracefully as some of the other complexions, soaking up too much Vitamin D and preventing rickets but gaining too many wrinkles.

The girl who would woo Mr Holland was most definitely one of the hottest gingers on the market back in the 1990's. Holy crap was Witt totally smoking and mostly unrecognized. Other than learning to blow on that clarinet properly, Alicia spent time on "Cybill" for a few years and mostly languished in the 2000's even though she continued to sex up her image time and time again.

Clearly, I think Witt is the shit. My only gripe is that for some reason she looked as if she was biting on a piece of taffy whenever she would speak, this strange motion of her mouth and a slight speech impediment that perhaps only I noticed (and was driven a tad bonkers - in a bad way - by). Other than that, it's pretty hard to deny her charms. Or is it?

What do you think of Alicia Witt?

Source: IMDB


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