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Hot or Not: Alice Eve

03.09.2010by: Cherry Liquor

A long time before the upcoming movie SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE came into play, I remember a friend of mine explaining the rules of the numbers game when it came to hitting on someone in the dating game. A 5 can hit on other 5s and below. But a 5 is never supposed to hit on a 10. However, my real question this week is whether or not the babe cast as Jay Baruchel's 10 really can be considered such.

Alice Eve

Alice Eve is the daughter to a couple of British actors, born in London and raised between the UK and Los Angeles, she doesn't have a great deal of movie credits to her name. One of the ones I do remember her from was an indie called BIG NOTHING, a funny little caper flick where she and fellow Brit Simon Pegg each feign American accents and try to one-up each other on the ridiculous level. I really liked her in that movie, enough to check up who she was, but once she was out of sight long enough, she was out of mind.

The next flick that I remember catching her in was the CRASH-type ensemble flick, CROSSING OVER, where she plays an Aussie wannabe model who loses her chance at getting a working Visa and ends up having to work over Ray Liotta in order to obtain one the non-legal but more undressed way. Now, I might not always think that AE has the best face, but damned if she doesn't have one of the most rockin' bods out there, especially all nudie style.

Still, I sit and ponder the question, IS Alice Eve really a "10" chick? Yes, I think she's hot. Yes, I think she can act (rare these days). Yes, I'm a little perturbed by the fact that her next project after this is the SEX & THE CITY 2 sequel, possibly condemning her to career death since she's not one of the leads. I dig on this chick quite a bit from what little I've seen of her so far, but I'm not sure she's a 10 in my personal book.

However, that's not the name of this column, now is it? Do you find Alice Eve Hot or Not?

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