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Hot or Not: Alia Shawkat

04.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Yes, I purposefully chose the best pictures I could find of last week's Hot or Not lady, Kristen Schaal. No, it wasn't playing fair and I didn't really mind doing it. There are a few of you who could at least give her props for being a straight up funny lady and for that, you get acknowledgement in an easily forgettable, meaningless column based on antiquated bullshit notions of female attractiveness. I doubt I can convey that as sarcastically as this week's Hot or Not selection could, but I hope you can see I tried to be in the spirit of things.

Alia Shawkat

When watching "Arrested Development" the first time it came around, I could completely understand why George-Michael would become enamored with his cousin, Maeby. Shawkat channeled a lot of her then-14-year old angst into a character that any grown woman who was once a confused and conflicted teen girl could relate to, and indeed, the kind that would draw guys to her without needing to have mile long legs or a bubbly personality.

Because she works in mainly independent movies and pop culture beloved shows, we don't get a chance to see Shawkat as often as other actresses in her generation. With that face full of buckshot freckles, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are trying to get her to fit into a specified mold and I actually love that she hasn't bent over backwards for a rough to obtain ideal. If anything, Alia has exactly the sharp wit, keen eyes and buxom, leggy body that makes her more feminine and sexy than those who overpluck, overpaint and overaerobicize. She is the kind of lady I would want as my main squeeze if I was into the ladies (or if I was a dude who was into the ladies).

I doubt there will be as many staunch defenders of Alia Shawkat as there have been for other actresses who are so "obviously" hot featured in this column. But with her popping up as a sexy bank robber in PEE-WEE'S BIG HOLIDAY and this weekend in the creepy looking GREEN ROOM, perhaps some of you will come around to the realistic beauty side.

What do you think of Alia Shawkat?

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