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Hot or Not: Alexandra Shipp

08.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week's featured babe went over about as RICKI AND THE FLASH did at the box office. Surely there were fans out there, they just didn't show up for the article. This week there aren't many movies to choose from in terms of new releases but the cast of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON is packed with new faces who all are turning in noteworthy performances. This week's actress is but one of them,.

Alexandra Shipp

Because I've always been more of a Nickelodeon watcher than a Disney addict, I grew familiar with Alexandra Shipp during the start of her career on television, as a cast member of "The House of Anubis," a weird wannabe Scooby-Doo-ish mystery show. Shipp was only on for a year before moving on to other things, including a rather sharp performance in a Lifetime biopic about the life of R&B hottie legend, Aaliyah.

Shipp actually changes styles with a smooth fluidity, being doe-eyed and fresh faced for young adult programming to sexy and sleek in the times that it's called for. I imagine this was a factor when they cast her as Kimberly Woodruff, the long-time love and partner of Ice Cube. Having a strength to maintain a 23+ year long relationship/marriage to any man who's in the music industry proves the strength of a woman's character.

Aside from the above mentioned show/TV movie, I've yet to see what else Shipp can do (I see that she was cast as the lead in the TV movie sequel to DRUMLINE but I haven't seen it). I think she's a stunning young woman with a lot of promise, I just hope that she doesn't get swallowed up by the entertainment industry in that battle to be one of the handful of black actresses that Hollywood will promote to the A-list.

What do you think of Alexandra Shipp?

Source: IMDB


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