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Hot or Not: Alexandra Daddario

02.22.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I like the concept where you get the free pass during marriage. Humans are wired to use sex as a means of procreation; keeping the human race going by making babies out of the ugly bumpings. But we've also been wired for curiosity, which is where we figured out how block the procreating part of the sexual act with super-cool birth control products. Sure, we're screwed when it comes to the emotional, bonding aspect of the sex act, but in theory, it's a great idea to have a supportive union where you can still sew some oats in other pastures. None of this means that HALL PASS sounds entertaining to me, however. Other than if I were a dude who had that pass, this week's babe would be high on my list to use that pass with.

Alexandra Daddario

Even though she has a youthful face and has been portraying high school aged girls in film and television, Daddario will be turning 25-years old next month. So let's get that argument out of the way for those who might not recognize her. It was her turn as Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, in last year's PERCY JACKSON (& the super long rest of that title) that got my attention. The dark hair/blue eyes combo never fails to ignite my attention, and with Alexandra, she definitely works that to her advantage.

I can vague place her face in other stuff that I've seen, from the abysmal THE BABYSITTERS to her work on television like the American version of "Life on Mars" and various appearances on the "Law & Order" franchise. She's a stunner, someone that you pick out of the extras when she's in the background, even if it's hard to place her later. Reminds me a little of how Courteney Cox was remembered for dancing with Bruce Springsteen.

Now Daddario has a regular spot on the cable series "White Collar" (something similar to the other USA shows I occasionally see previews for but never end up watching) and will be that tasty temptation that Owen Wilson bumps into while on his break from Jenna Fisher in HALL PASS. I think she's a gorgeous girl who has a shit-ton of potential by simply being, so I'm voting hot with a good likelihood of becoming volcanic in her future.

What do you think of Alexandra Daddario?

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