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Hot or Not: Alanna Masterson

12.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I would have thought that at least a few more of you would be fans of Greta Gerwig, although 50/50 ain't too bad, especially since some of you think she's not ugly but are more put off by her hipster demeanor (I like it, so sue me). This week there are a few new movies with a bunch of hot babes, including redheads galore in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS but I was more focused on some of the negative shit people had to say about an actress on The Walking Dead. I might not be watching this season, but I have things to say about her and I'm thinking you do too.

Alanna Masterson

The last time I tuned into the long-running fan favorite zombie show, I was just getting introduced to Alanna Masterson as Tara. And I liked her. She was fragile, she was conflicted, she was real. There hadn't been too many realistic moments to relate to around the time that Alanna came on in 2013 and her pretty-in-that-girl-down-the-street look was something to cling to. I liked her immediately and immensely, even if it wasn't enough to keep me watching after the first couple episodes into season 5.

In November of last year, Alanna gave birth to a daughter, something that most of us didn't realize because she keeps a pretty low profile when not promoting her show. The younger sister of the Masterson brothers (Danny from That 70's Show and Christopher from Malcolm in the Middle notably), even though Alanna counts Hilary Duff as her BFF and has been floating around the industry for years, she's still fringe enough to lead a normal life. That is, until internet trolls start attacking her over the weight gain they noticed this season around. She's spoken out about this on Instagram but I frankly didn't think she needed to defend herself.

I think Alanna Masterson was and is sexy as f*ck. Those chocolate brown eyes, those slightly exotic features that have you looking long enough for it to be considered staring, her womanly curves turn an hourglass into a whole day pass, I like it all. I especially love that she's not like every other Hollywood actress out there, making her far easier to connect with and see as a real human being. At least, for those of us out there who aren't complete plebeians. I get the impression that Alanna might willingly choose not to take on many other acting roles and that's also pretty sexy too. I love a woman who's a non-conformist.

What do you think of Alanna Masterson?

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