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Hot or Not: Addison Timlin

02.25.2014by: Cherry Liquor

There are times when I have a severely alternate perspective on someone I feature as a Hot or Not pick of the week. It doesn't necessarily mean that I've run out of potential Hot or Not candidates, more that I'm looking to see if there's anyone else who shares my differing view. Then there's those I feature because they've been popping up more frequently in movies, television and whatnot and I've yet to really form a full opinion, so I'm looking for more input. That's what's going on this week.

Addison Timlin

Over the weekend, after getting a chance to check out an advanced screening of THE MAZE RUNNER (ultimately not a perfect flick but it's rather daring in the genre of adapted YA material) and scoring some free passes to come back and watch a different movie at the hosting theater, I thought I'd indulge in a little ZEfron/Miles Richards/Michael B Storm action and ended up cocking my head whenever Addison Timlin would appear on screen wondering when the heck Emmanuelle Chiriqui had lost a few years and gotten a lighter set of features. Which, if you understand my lust for Chiriqui, you'd understand is a compliment.

I went to check out Timlin's resume and was reminded that she'd gained some fanboy fame when she'd appeared on "Californication," one of those shows that I never bothered to watch beyond the first episode because I'm from California and well, that show needed to be retitled to Los Angelesication. Beside that point, I didn't recall Addison is any of her other ventures, which have mainly included early cancelled TV series such as "Zero Hour" and "Cashmere Mafia." With ODD THOMAS getting its limited release this week, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (Co-starring Gary Cole) recently completed and FALLEN (co-starring Scout Taylor Compton) currently filming, Timlin might be getting more face time.

Without having seen however she was exploited on the Showtime Duchovny series (NSFW link to where I found out), I can only base what I think of Addison Timlin on current knowledge. She was sexy in THAT AWKWARD MOMENT and yes, she resembles Emmanuelle enough for me to really pay attention to her but does that ultimately make her hot? I'd have to select the cute option for right now with a hot option reserved for when she's gotten more opportunities to prove that.

What do you think of Addison Timlin?

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