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Hot or Not: Abigail Spencer

03.05.2013by: Cherry Liquor

She's appearing as May in OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL this upcoming weekend and while I know I've watched that old classic a ton of times, I'm still questioning if that May in question turns out to be Dorothy's Aunt May. That's right, isn't it? Why is it that this week's Hot or Not selection has that "I know her, right?" quality about her?

Abigail Spencer

A great looking brunette who got her start a million years ago on the soap opera "All My Children," (for most of you who frequent this site, 1999 has to feel like ancient times), Abigail Spencer has taken on a ton of television roles, mostly in single appearances but also as a feature player in something called "Angela's Eyes," and of course, she was one of the earlier female temptresses on "Mad Men." I assume that fact, of course, seeing as how I own the first three seasons of the show on DVD but still haven't gotten around to watching a single episode. That show gives me that feeling you get when you are laughed at for being the only idiot who's never read Catcher in the Rye. (At least I'm not one of those, but you get the drift, right?)

I love that there are so many pictures of Spencer out there where she's smiling, looking genuine, acting a goof. Frequently spotted at lower key events wearing her thick framed glasses and guffawing for the entire room to hear, from what I've gathered from bits and pieces of "I've met her!" stories, the lady seems to be quite the personality.

Looks wise, Abigail Spencer is a super hottie. I vote yay Yay YAY! She's zingy (I might not have watched "Mad Men," but she's awesome on "Children's Hospital") and quite intriguing. At the rate she's going, while at the current age of 31, I venture to say she's going to be one of those super sexy 40-something's who ends up getting cast in EVERYTHING.

What do you think of Abigail Spencer?

Source: IMDB


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