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Hot or Not: Abbie Cornish

10.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I'm coming off of a weekend that featured a viewing of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, a movie that is bafflingly 30 years old already, so looking back over the comments about its star, Robin Wright, from the last Hot or Not, they make sense. She was hot, she is hot, she'll probably always be hot. (Although some of you lean closer to the hotter with age version.) October is usually a month packed full of horror movies and the other stuff that studios didn't think they could sell during the summer months, like the latest disaster flick, GEOSTORM. Let's take a look at one of its star this week.

Abbie Cornish

The first time I had heard Abbie Cornish's name, it was attached to headlines about her being the other woman who broke up the marriage of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon. The two had met in 2006 while filming the forgettable movie, STOP-LOSS, and the negative press has seemed to haunt her career ever since. Cornish definitely has the look of someone who should have broken out more - a blonde Aussie who can do a flawless American accent - but instead she's floundered in a number of mostly forgettable roles.

Strangely, I love Abbie best in a movie that seems to collect a lot of diverse opinions regarding its quality, the 2011 film, SUCKER PUNCH. Reportedly, Cornish was very eager to tackle a role that was laced with action, steering herself away from the dramas she had been doing in the past. She excels in that role, as well as brings a loving depth to movie filled with mostly shallow characters. The one thing I have not doubted when I've seen her name pop up in a cast list is a lack of talent.

While Abbie Cornish falls within the spectrum of lovely ladies coming out of kangaroo land, she's still a bit plain, which helps when she's taking on roles of women who are supposed to be known more for their moral character than simply their good looks, I also don't necessarily think she's always hot. That's a good thing when they're looking to fill the role of a mid-Western housewife in any given era, but not so much when you're looking for fap material. She's like Maria Bello but with less sex appeal. At least, for me.

What do you think of Abbie Cornish?

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