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Hot or Not: Abbie Cornish

10.09.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I'm going to make time in my schedule to catch SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS mainly because I have a huge fem-boner for Sam Rockwell and because Colin Ferrell has done no wrong in my eyes since IN BRUGES. Looking at the females in the cast gives me a chance to talk about a good looking lady who might not be getting all the attention she deserves.

Abbie Cornish

She was incredibly gorgeous in SUCKER PUNCH and being that I'm an older sister with a protective side myself, her character of Sweet Pea really struck a chord with me. This Aussie girl has been in a number of great movies and is often overlooked as the rest of the cast outranks her in popularity points (she's great in LIMITLESS but that silly Wonder-douche Bradley Cooper got all of the attention for it - seriously, people in advertising need to understand that they could have and should have sold that movie on the strength of DeNiro's name, just as they should focus more on Jennifer Lawrence being in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK instead of constantly saying Cooper's in it. /rant.)

Publicity wise, she's rather low-key. While she got some attention for hooking up with co-star Ryan Phillippe when they were making STOP-LOSS together around the time that his marriage to America's darling, Reese Witherspoon, was grinding to a halt, you can't hold that against her. Otherwise Cornish isn't a tabloid temptress or junkie burnout. She's a hard-working, magnetic young woman.

Yeah, I find her hot. So that's a simple duh. There's this thing to her that makes her more than hot to me. I'd like to kick back and drink a few beers with her, talk about culture and how she's been an avid get-lost backpacker, with no grand desire to be tethered to her cell phone while she's vacationing. I like that Abbie is blendable into roles. I like that her personality and strength shine through. Perhaps it's from growing up on a farm, I don't care. She's deep and I'm sick of puddles.

What do you think of Abbie Cornish?

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