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Hot or Not: 1990's Drew Barrymore

01.31.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Recently I've been contemplating how my life would be in this current century had I had some different decisions at the end of the last one. Hell, a BIG MIRACLE of my own could have occurred. Not that I'm saying I would have been stuck in ice or anything, although I do remember a number of frosty years back then. Still, since there are so many different versions of this week's Hot or Not babe, I thought we'd do this as a throwback.

Drew Barrymore (Circa '90's)

For a legendary name and an infamous child star, it surprises me that Drew only has 63 acting credits to her name. She's not busting out a ton of movies and guest appearances on shows, she's picking out some interesting stuff to be in (as far as the '90's are concerned). Starting off with MOTORAMA (an all-time favorite of mine, please look it up if you haven't watched it) to POISON IVY to BOYS ON THE SIDE to BATMAN FOREVERand finishing the decade as Josie Grossy in NEVER BEEN KISSED, those ten years were some vastly wild ones for Barrymore.

Thing is, when I think of her from the latter half of that decade, I recall her having several different faces. But the one that stuck out to me the most was the early 90's version (perhaps because I think of that being my golden age as well) where she was all about short blonde hair, flashing David Letterman and having a quickie marriage to a bartender. Tattooed and nude in Playboy. Flower child Drew. Yeah, baby.

I had to double and triple and quadruple check that I hadn't covered Drew as a Hot or Not feature before because much like her resume suggests, it feels as if I've covered her more, but I guess I haven't. The 1990's version of Drew Barrymore could have stood to have some internet viral obsession dripped all over her candle-wax ready body. She wasn't just hot, she was volcanic.

What do you think of 1990's Drew Barrymore?

Source: IMDB


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