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Hot or Not: Mary Steenburgen

10.29.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Seeing how well BAD GRANDPA did at the box office over the weekend, I have to wonder if the seasoned folk out there are much hotter than stereotypes might suggest. When you factor in that this following weekend will up the oldie ante with the release of LAST VEGAS, it makes sense to check out the cougar meat in this week's Hot or Not.

Mary Steenburgen

One of my favorite Jonathan Demme movies, if not one of my favorite movies in general is the delightful MELVIN AND HOWARD, a flick that my mom turned me onto when I was a burgeoning film nut. I fell in love with Steenburgen as the ditzy but lovable Lynda, far more than I had with her roles I had grown up with as a kid - probably most notably her turn in BACK TO THE FUTURE III as Doc's sweetie Clara.

The older that Steenburgen's gotten, the more sexy she's become in her acting selections. Who could put that MILF Betty Carver in WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE? out of their minds? We've all wanted to screw Johnny Depp at some point (women and men alike) and there she was, baking cookies and spreading her legs on the kitchen counter for his indie hotness.

Now that Mary's turned 60-years old, it's too dismissive to think of her as being the same age as our mothers, especially since she still looks so fit and well put together. While she might have had some work done, it looks tasteful and she retains the wrinkles of her battle years, something that I admire and factor into my decision that she's still sensationally, goofily hot.

What do you think of Mary Steenburgen?

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