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Hot models in bikinis apparently run in packs

01.31.2017by: Droz

So the consensus among a lot of folks seems to be that everything sucks right now. Whether or not you believe that, it does kind of rattle the nerves having to listen to everyone keep saying that over and over every which way you turn. In such times of uncertainty and strife, I'm reminded of the one thing that usually gets me in a better mood. That, of course, is hotties in bikinis. Fortunately this little firecracker of a model we've been covering lately named Selena Weber is quite fond of dressing up in just that sort of beachwear. So are a lot of her friends. The thing to remember about models is how they all either live in Miami or come through there at some point. Being young and built like brick shit houses, they understandably spend a lot of their free time at the beach, frequently together. I'm sure I don't have to explain why a bunch of rock hard bodies commiserating in the shallows in their thongs with the boobies and the butts poking out serves as an effective distraction from all the shit flying around. I do feel like I should thank them for providing us this reprieve. It is appreciated.

Source: GCeleb


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