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Holy crap, is Charlize Theron knocked up with Sean Penn's baby?

01.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It hasn't yet been officially confirmed by their reps, but supposedly during a trip to France over the Xmas holiday, Charlize Theron got engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Sean Penn. While we all know that Sean is a great actor (and that he makes good looking kids), are we really ready for the couple to be popping out offspring? I went through and looked at a number of pictures of Charlize that had been taken of her running errands and it seems as if she's been wearing looser clothing, although that could be chalked up to the fact that she actively tries to shake the paps and she's already in mom mode with her son Jackson, adopted from her home country of South Africa. I like both Theron and Penn a bunch (and really admire that she's reportedly said she'll only reprise her role as Ravenna in a SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN sequel if they pay her as much as her male co-star, Chris Hemsworth - because face it, she's worth at least the same amount as he is) but I thought the whole point to having a romance later in life (she's turning 40 later this year and he's turning 55) is avoiding all the trappings of youth, including babies. But this is Hollywood, after all. Pregnancies tend to start at 35+, right?
Source: Hollywood Life


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