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Holly Hunter is 59 and lookin' fine at The Big Sick premiere in LA

06.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Holy shit. Is it really possible for Holly Hunter to be nearly 60? Perhaps my view of time is warped, since I break out and watch RAISING ARIZONA on an annual basis, reveling in the wonderful & bizarre world of Ed, H.I. and their blundering through trying to tackle parenthood. I would have guessed she was younger than Nic Cage, not nearly 5 years older, because while you can see the aging in her face, she still looks damn f*cking impressive for a lady who's never had any plastic surgery done. That I can tell, at least. And she most certainly hasn't put herself through the abuse in her personal life that Cage has, not that anyone could come close that masterpiece of a clusterf*ck. Holly is starring as Zoe Kazan's mom in THE BIG SICK which also stars and was co-written by Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley, perhaps one of my favorite shows of the past 5 years. The other co-writer is Nanjiani's wife, Emily V Gordon, who started out as a couples & family therapist before transitioning into comedy writing and producing, and has a feel for the subject matter of the movie (a couple with cultural differences introducing their family into their relationship). Sounds like something to seek out and spend money on when it's released on July 14th, you know, just in case you're sick of the summer box office drivel by then.
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