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Holly Graves and photographer Jen Senn leave little to the imagination

05.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

Texas is the second largest state in the country, filled to the brim with sexy southern females, a large percentage of them vying for a modicum of attention. So how does a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, down-home girl stand out in an endless ocean of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, down-home girls? Beats me – that'd be like trying to pick the largest krill out of a swarm. Somehow or another, Holly Graves has managed to begin slowly separating herself from the herd, steadily making inroads to becoming a fashion model of note. Here's her latest step in the right direction: a tantalizing, desaturated shoot for photographer Jen Senn. From the looks of the final product, neither one of them seemed concerned with keeping things modest, each doing their part to fill the frames with oodles of T & A. Something about the way these photos cause my nerve endings to tingle tells me Holly Graves is gonna be around for a while.

Source: Jen Senn


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