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Hilary Swank is hot, wet and naked in Interview Germany

01.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
So she didn't pick up the dark horse nomination for her role in THE HOMESMAN, what does that matter to Hilary Swank? She's already a 2-time Best Actress Oscar winner (being one of the only actresses to win each time she was nominated, let alone winning the top prize twice. She also has one of the hottest bodies in all of Hollywood, even if her detractors complain about her face supposedly looking too "mannish." Showing off that point, Swank recently posed in the buff for Germany's version of Interview magazine, giving a great view of all the hard work she puts into her physique by swimming in a clear blue pool sans swimsuit. At 40-years old, Swank shows no sign of slowing down and proves that if you've got it, you might as well have a bunch of pictures taken of you to pull an awesome "Neener-neener" on the haters.
Source: Saw First


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