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Hilary Duff's Younger thighs were spectacular

11.11.2015by: Droz

I love how nonchalantly sexy Hilary Duff was while doing this panel for her Younger show yesterday. She's just hanging out in her director's chair, answering folks questions about her show and whatever else. Meanwhile, every guy in sight was drooling over the sight of her perfect thighs being perfectly accentuated by the leather she wore both above and below them. Hilary does a lot of stuff - music, TV shows, modelling and on and on, but I think my very favorite thing about her is how effortless her sex appeal comes. Clearly this getup and most others she wears are intended to convey a specific message. She doesn't shove it in your face though. It's more like a nice little tap on the shoulder. "Hey you! Remember me? Come over here, check this out." Hilary always has my full attention.

Source: NSFW


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