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Hilary Duff's thighs are in a constant state of flex

07.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

Wow! I'll admit, the site of Hilary Duff's unbelievably etched out quadriceps didn't bring to mind fantasies of being tightly clamped by those thighs. No, a picture where she's standing in front of her greatest enemy came first, then, the words Finish Him! were superimposed; a precursor to the buff blonde kicking a hole clean through the center of his face. Seriously... I wouldn't want to take a shot to the balls by Duff. Have they always looked this way? – the eyes are usually directed straight towards her famously obsessed over ass. Was having thighs that look like they were carved out by Michelangelo himself – and out of a hardened mineral not yet on the elemental chart – a requisite to landing whatever role she's currently on set for? If no one out there is truly going to create a bust of her, one worthy of being placed alongside the statue of David, she ought to have herself immortalized in a painting. Just as the Mona Lisa was revered for its depiction of the human hand, so shall it go if the artist is capable of accurately capturing Hilary Duff's thighs.

Source: Got Celeb


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