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Hilary Duff's thickness looks like it's overwhelming her butt jeans

04.27.2016by: Droz

Hilary is fond of those pre-ripped jeans, as are many nowadays. Not too many can fill them out like she does though. So good is Hilary in these jeans, she makes a spectacle out of them just walking across a parking lot on the way to her manicure appointment. But that's what happens when you have a phenomenal set of curves. I've heard some people rip on the rest of Hilary, saying she's not as pretty as she used to be. I disagree. You're seeing Hilary without much, if any makeup here. Yet she looks just fine to me. Better than fine. I mean right here, just walking around in her threadbare duds, she's hotter than 99% of the women I've been with (I did have a drunken encounter once with a full on 9, the memories of which I'll cherish forever). I'd say if someone can outclass the vast majority of one's sexual conquests with little effort, then they should be fine by anyone. But that's only my opinion.

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