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Hilary Duff's butt looks like it could use some personal attention

06.01.2016by: Droz

It's not often you see Hilary Duff left panting from a selfie-seeker approaching her on the sidewalk. Normally it's some sweaty dude or a hyper excited female fan. Clearly this guy was pushing all of Hilary's right buttons as evidenced by that tongue action. Of course, that could be a gross out face, but I don't think so. It's kind of hard to believe Hilary could be left so hot and bothered by a moment with some random guy on a street. Although she is doing the single mom thing nowadays, which often doesn't leave much room for romance.

Hard to imagine Hilary wouldn't have the dudes lined up, but this lack of companionship is apparently a lot more common than one might think amidst the ranks of the famous hotties. I was just watching an interview with J-Law the other day where she talked about how impossible it is for her to find someone to date. I can't say for sure what the issue is here, but my suspicions point to impossibly high standards. Celeb hotties probably want someone who matches their high up status in the gene pool. Not too many of those guys to go around and those who are available often turn out to be assholes. On the other hand, there are plenty of perfectly fine nobodies running around, some of whom have become quite familiar with the various goings on in Hilary's life thanks to writing endless articles about her. You know where to turn Hilary if you ever get tired of those unreliable famous dudes. Plus, you'd have the most pampered ass in history.

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