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Hilary Duff's bikini booty has a way of making headlines

02.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

"Hilary Duff Admits She Used to Hate Her Legs; Hilary Duff Opens Up About Ex-Boyfriend Jason Walsh; Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Impressive Physique In A Tiny Bikini; Hilary Duff on how she learned to embrace herself" – these are but a few of the headlights Hilary Duff has made over the past five days. The girl gets a write up almost every time she crosses the street, is spotted wearing jeans that accentuate her ass or on one of her bikini vacations. The 29-year-old MILF had a fling with her trainer Jason Walsh, which ended in November, and is now on to dating musician Matt Koma. Maybe the reason for the constant stream of headlines is because Hilary hardly ever takes a breather; even when she's playing on the beach, she's still on the mommy clock. It will be interesting to see how "The Duff" adjusts to aging and gets winded when walking to the f**king mailbox. She has awhile before the need to worry about any of that arises. For now, I'm sure she'll continue spending her free time out on the beach, enjoying her able bikini body and making headlines.

Source: NS4W


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