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Hilary Duff would make an excellent farmer's daughter

04.08.2016by: Droz

I was wondering if we'd get another Hilary Duff butt moment before the working week was over. These seem to come in pairs. This time around Hilary fashions her ample ass moment out with some overalls action, which I kinda like. There's something fresh and exciting about a hottie of her shape squeezed into a set of probably too tight overalls. At this point, doesn't it feel a little bit like Hilary as resigned herself to paying an unavoidable ass task from the paps who follow her everywhere. There's simply no way she can strut herself down streets like this and not give us as least one good look at that booty. Therefore you get that little exasperated turn around at the end of the gallery below. Hilary, nobody is making you show off your ass in tight shit. Feel free to wrap that thing up in something concealing, if you feel the need. Just don't expect to get nearly as much attention afterward.

Source: NSFW


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