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Hilary Duff would be delighted if you'd check out her butt in some leggings

08.01.2016by: Droz

I suppose I could be wrong about the apparent ease with which Hilary Duff accepts paps following her around, snapping pics of her ass. It's not very often you see famous hotties of her ilk walking around responding to such things with big, playful grins. I'm just happy she can still find reason to smile and find it in her heart to bless us with this ass shows, what with yet another stalker out and about in search of her. No, it's not me. Apparently there's some crazy dude going around looking to propose to her. They're always so full of love, aren't they?

So far Hilary's response is to beef up the security dudes she employs to protect her fine ass. She has yet to do anything criminal justice wise. Me, I think she's being too generous. That shit can turn bad fast. It's just a shame we live in such a f*cked up world. Everyone should be content with the generosity Hilary shows us in moments like these or the near constant updates she makes to her social media. Who the hell wants to actually go find celebs in real life anymore? That's what we have Snapchat and Instagram for. They're the new socially acceptable form of stalking. Get with the times, weirdos.

Source: Superior Pics


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