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Hilary Duff wears her retro pants a size too small just for you

06.05.2015by: Droz

Remember that scene in the opening montage of DAZED AND CONFUSED when the girls are trying to get a pair of super tight jeans zipped up on their friend by using a pair of pliers? I envision a similar scenario taking place to get Hilary Duff into these super tight, retro pants she was wearing yesterday. Those look really uncomfortable and also hot as hell on her thick thighs. So snug on her are jeans like these that one might entertain a stray thought on why Hilary subjects herself to these uncomfortable-looking butt pants so often. The answer probably has something to do with scenes like this:

Not that many celeb hotties have as ardent a paparazzi following as Hilary does. I suspect her butt pants and constant paparazzi companionship have something of a symbiotic relationship. They feed off one another. Celebs fashion careers out of this kind of attention. Seeing as how Hilary wants to get back into the singing and acting thing, I'm sure she's reticent to do away with this kind of attention just for the sake of more relaxed clothing. Thus the Hilary sexy show rolls on. I'm cool with that. I'm also cool with Hilary doing more scenes like this one from her Younger show. It's the first time in my life I wished I was a bearded douche.

Source: NSFW


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