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Hilary Duff in booty-accentuating jeans stirs up familiar feelings

05.05.2017by: No Cool Handle

Photos of Hilary Duff's ass tucked tightly into a pair of accentuating denim jeans are not only common, you can equate the familiar images to anything that offers the calm, enveloping comfort of a security blanket. You never truly feel safe at home until you're sitting in front of your Internet browsing device of choice – a hot beverage in one hand, an eager clicking apparatus in the other – enjoying the stimulating affects of her extremely famous booty. Rarely does the mere sight of a finely tuned ass evoke the kind of peace and serenity one gets from lying blanketed beneath a prolonged sunset; or from the lapping sound made by a secluded body of water repeatedly washing over your bare feet. To paraphrase myself: The familiarity of Hilary Duff's denim-covered booty is therapeutic. The ideal solution for recalibrating body and mind.

Source: NS4W


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