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Hilary Duff tested the tensile strength of her top while visiting AOL

09.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I might have been covering Hilary Duff and her hotness over the past 8 years for MovieHotties but I still don't quite understand why she's so popular. I mean, other than the obvious. She's cute, she's got great legs, she's a fit yummy mummy but when it comes to her projects that have been wildly successful, even her music career post-Disney wasn't that huge of a boon. And this show, "Younger," that she keeps promoting isn't on any of the mainstream cable channels, although I could be the only person who just doesn't think of TV Land as being a big mover and shaker in the world of television. They make cookies, just like Nabisco, only the ones you'll see at the dollar store. A cookie is still a cookie, true, but really? If you have the money, would you settle for those dollar store cookies? Long, boring, meandering point aside, Duff has a way with clothing and uses it to her body's best advantage, even if it means you can nearly hear that purple top squeak as she pivots for these photos. Rapid movement might create a blowout, which would only make me seek out TV Land faster, so kudos Hilary!
Source: Hawt Celebs


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