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Hilary Duff takes a long walk in tight leggings

03.01.2017by: Droz

When we get understandably distracted by the great booty moments Hilary Duff always manages to bring us, we can miss out on some of the other, more obscure things happening during those booty moments. Take Hilary's seeming crosstown walk to her car from somewhere in LA yesterday. What's with the shoes? Those look like nice shoes. Is she loaning out her shoes to friends? Did someone give her those shoes? I wouldn't have thought Hilary would be the sort to engage in the secondhand shoe lifestyle. She's got the cash to go buy her own. Maybe...she left her shoes at someone's house a couple different times and now she's come to retrieve them, perhaps because she doesn't plan on going back there. They do look like well used shoes. That's not the best looking neighborhood either. Maybe she intended to donate the shoes, but they were closed.

Those shoes boggle the mind. What's the answer? They're almost as bewildering as why Hilary own two different color versions of the same Mercedes SUV. She can be a mystery sometimes. On the other hand, there's nothing at all mysterious about dat ass. It speaks loud and clear.

Source: NSFW


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