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Hilary Duff swapped out bikini bottoms for denim cutoffs but kept the top

01.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
It's quite possible to be sublimely jealous of a 4-year old, right? Hilary Duff spent her holiday vacation in Hawaii rocking bikinis & riding waves as well as giving her son Luca piggyback rides, something that all of us which there was a line to stand in for "got next"s. Duff did look a bit peeved when she noticed the paps getting shots of her when she was playing with her son and I can't say I blame her. She obliges us on such a regular basis, it's not unfair for her to expect a little alone time, even if she is wearing a bikini top and denim cutoffs, the kryptonite for most breathing beings attracted to the human species. I'm in awe of how fit Duff has gotten in recent years, no longer the soft teenager or too-thin young adult but rather a muscular grown woman who looks like she could kick your ass while you enjoyed it. Now, if we could only get her some work that's more palatable than that Younger show.
Source: Pop Sugar


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