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Hilary Duff shows off her bottoms on the streets of NYC

08.19.2016by: Droz

It looks like NYC is the place to be for famous hottie fans this summer. Most of those I've posted today seem to be busying themselves with something in The Big Apple. Take Hilary Duff here, who we normally see out and about in LA. She's still filming episodes for her Younger show, which it seems is involved in some sort of throwback 70s thing based on the wardrobe Hilary has on in some of these pics. Or maybe that stuff has just come back into style again. I wouldn't know anything about that. Style and my wardrobe selections have nothing in common. I'm more like workout mode Hilary in that regard, wearing the wrinkled and slightly past it attire when going from A to B in the course of the day. Obviously Hilary ups the ante there with her booty in those leggings. Her booty in pretty much anything improves the situation highly. I'd very much like to be a member at her gym.

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