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Hilary Duff carries around her junk in the most angelic of trunks

03.18.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I always feel a little confused and at odds with myself whenever I write up an article of a hottie whenever the paparazzi are involved. It seems like a horrible thing for them to tolerate and by the interwebs (and me) posting these pictures, we're only giving into what they're doing, but I'm a weak guy who gets distracted by giant breasted and bootied women. One of these ladies is Hilary Duff who seems to have quite a few paparazzi shoots going on. She always looks absolutely incredible whenever she goes out, so I suppose it all makes sense why so many dudes with cameras want to take a shit ton of pictures of her. Eventually, there will come a series of pics of her without any gratuitous booty shoots, but thankfully, the people here got a few extremely lovely pics of that glorious ass of hers and I'm all the better for it. Not only is it a large, beautiful ass, but she's dressed in all white which accentuates the size and her angelic presence. So thanks, paparazzi. I'll appreciate these pictures in the solitude of my bedroom now. Excuse me. 

Source: Got Celeb


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